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Take on an apprentice

There are many ways in which your business can benefit from taking on an apprentice.

First and foremost, apprenticeships typically attract people who are hungry to learn. At Liga we work hard to match people with areas that are of interest to them, whether young person, or existing employee, so you know that your apprentice will be eager to understand your trade or business.

Apprentices tend to be loyal. They bring less work experience ‘baggage’ than other recruits, because this is their first experience of your kind of work. And once they’ve found their way with your guidance and support, are far more likely to stay in your organisation for the long term.

New blood is good for any organisation. It helps you to take a fresh perspective on how you work and is a key driver for innovation.

Apprenticeships also help you to give something back to society, especially when employing those who may find it harder to enter the workplace by other routes. That means your are directly helping to reduce unemployment and keep people off the streets. For this reason, apprenticeships are viewed very positively by consumers, with 81% favouring companies that take on apprentices. So it gives you a competitive edge too.

Most importantly, apprentices don’t come at extra cost. All you have to do is pay their salary; the government takes care of their training costs.

Here are just a few statistics that we hope you’ll enjoy...

  • 80% of those employers who employ apprentices agree they make their workplace more productive.
  • The National Minimum Wage for apprentices is £3.30 per hour.
  • There are over 85,000 employers offering apprenticeships in more than 130,000 locations; there are over 200 frameworks suitable for hundreds of job roles.
  • 88% of employers who employ apprentices believe that apprenticeships lead to a more motivated and satisfied workforce.
  • 83% of employers who employ apprentices rely on their apprenticeship programme to provide the skilled workers that they need for the future.
  • One in five employers are hiring more apprentices to help them through the tough economic climate.


Click here to read the Apprenticeships Myth Busting fact sheet.

How does it work?

Setting up a programme is easier than you think. Our dedicated service team will support you at every stage. And because we guide you through the process, it’s simple and quick to get started.

Getting started in 5 easy steps

Our apprenticeship representative will call you to discuss your requirements.

We will help identify a suitable training provider.

You will confirm the number of current employees and new recruits that you want to start an apprenticeship.

We will advertise vacancies on the apprenticeship website, where suitable applicants apply.

We will send across suitable applications and arrange the interviews and then when you've found the perfect candidate, your apprentice starts.

How is the training delivered?

All of the training is delivered in the workplaceby a fully trained Tutor.

They will visit your apprentice once a month and spend an hour with the apprentice to help them towards the qualification. The qualifications are bespoke to the individual role and your business to ensure that not only the apprentice but also the employer is gaining as much as possible through the qualification.

There are over 200 world-recognised qualifications, all of which are fully funded through the government.

Please click here to download the Apprenticeship Recruitment brochure.


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